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Solvent Correction

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10 months 3 weeks ago #1 by NewUser123
Solvent Correction was created by NewUser123
Hi, I am somewhat new to the SPR world and would like to get more information regarding solvent correction.
I am currently using a published SPR buffer condition which contain 2% DMSO and 10% Glycerol.
My current solvent correction consist of the identical running buffer with a gradient concentration of DMSO (1.6; 1.8; 2.0; 2.2; 2.4; 2.6%), I am wondering if I should do the same with the glycerol, and if so, what is the common practice? Any reference for further reading would be very appreciated!

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10 months 3 weeks ago #2 by Arnoud
Replied by Arnoud on topic Solvent Correction
Both DMSO and Glycerol should be compensated when the concentration gives too high (+ or – 100 RU) bulk responses. The one reference I could find is this one: Frostell-Karlsson, A., et al. (2000). "Biosensor analysis of the interaction between immobilized human serum albumin and drug compounds for prediction of human serum albumin binding levels." J.Med.Chem. 43(10): 1986-1992.

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4 months 3 weeks ago #3 by hl0826
Replied by hl0826 on topic Solvent Correction
Hi Arnoud,
I have a very similar question and wonder how you prepare solvent correction samples if both DMSO and glycerol need to be compensated?
Using NewUser123's solvent correction as an example, does the 1.6% DMSO sample need to contain the lowest end of %glycerol, and the 2.6% DMSO sample contain the highest end of %glycerol? 
4 months 3 weeks ago #4 by Arnoud
Replied by Arnoud on topic Solvent Correction
Assuming that your sample contains both DMSO and Glycerol these compounds are equally diluted during the preparing of the dilution series. So if the sample stock contains 2% DMSO and 10% glycerol I would prepare this solution and dilute it equally as the samples. This means that the highest DMSO also contains the highest glycerol concentration.
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